Study of form, testing of materials, always looking for
new technologies and manufacturing processes of the elements.

“Wall Clock” project represents the synthesis of Materium’s work in interior design research, the perfect harmony of materials, technique and design dedicated to the reading of the time.

Each clock is made as if it were a jewel, evident in the preciousness of the elements and the elegance of the artifact due to the peculiarity of the process, details and handmade finishes.

Wood in different finishes, valuable marble handmade by capable artisan, precious metal finishes such as polished chrome, brush brass, black nickel and gold bath to 24 kt make the precious watches furnishings can be placed in environments that want to convey elegance, status and class.



A wide choice of wall clock models, with fine finishes in black nickel, 24K gold, brass, or chrome. A modern and elegant style perfect for any type of home.